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Lignez Zenobi
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Anv a-bezh d'ar c'hanedigezh Septimia Bathzabbai Zénobie ?
Anvioù-tiegezh all Zenobia

Sinmara Al-Zabba ? (Aryani) [Banu Jafna]

Julius Achilleus Aurelius Zenobius [?] g. 205

Wiki-pajenn wikipedia:Zenobia


darvoud all: Queen of Palmyra

eured: Lucius Septimius Odaenathus Odaenathus [Idumean] g. 205?

260 bugel: Lucius Julius Aurelius Septimius Vaballathus Athenodorus ? (Balder Odinsson) [Gallus] g. 260

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NOTE: It is possible that there was more than one woman named Zenobia living in the same time period[4]. Her Aramaic name is al-Zabba' bint Amr ibn Tharab ibn Hasan ibn 'Adhina ibn al-Samida'

Candidate for Frigg the wife of Odin

It was rumored that one of Odin's wives came from the lands of Muspelheim (Land of Fire/Heat). According to the allegorical styling of the nordic bards, this would indicate that Odin may have been was married to a Roman woman from North Africa. It is possible that Odin himself belonged to the Gallic family of Ennodius through his mother or daughter.

Zenobia may be the prototype for the Goddess Frigg or Freya, wife of Oden who was famous for her hair and whose name Frigg means beloved. The emperor of Rome was so charmed by Zenobia that he granted her amnesty and she retired to estates in Tivoli where the castle is located beside the falls. In the Nordic Myths Frigg's hall in Asgard is called Fensalir, which means literally "Marsh Halls" and referred to lands residing beside waterfalls. It is known that Zenobia married again to an unknown Lombardic warlord, and that there was a subsequent son who carried not only the familial names of Zenobia's family but also given names that indicate a tie to the Waelense.

In his work Historia gentis Langobardorum, Paul the Deacon (d.790), relates how Odin's wife Freia (Frigg/Freyja) had given victory to the Langobards in a war against the Vandals. Patrom:Needsources


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Eus an dud-kozh d'ar vugale-vihan

Юлия Соэмия Бассиана
ganedigezh: 180, Homs, (Emesa)
broadelezh: Syrian
eured: w Sextus Varius (Marcellus)
marvidigezh: 11 Meurzh 222, Рим
Julia Avita (Mamaea)
ganedigezh: Emesa
broadelezh: Syrian
eured: Gaius Julius Malcus Gessius (Malcus II)
marvidigezh: 235
Marcus Julius Gessius ? (Marcianus)
ganedigezh: был по происхождению сирийцем из города Арка Кесарийская и принадлежал к сословию всадников
Sinmara Al-Zabba ? (Aryani)
ganedigezh: Nîmes in the western Languedoc Gallia Narbonensis
ganedigezh: Priestess of the Divine Twins
marvidigezh: Romarike
Marcus Julius Gessius (Bassianus Alexianus)
ganedigezh: 208, Arca Caesarea
titl: 222 ≤ ? ≤ 235, Emperor of Rome
Alexander Severus
ganedigezh: 1 Here 208
titl: жрец бога Солнца в Эмесе(Сирия)
titl: римский император 222-235
eured: Гнея Геренния Барбия Саллюстия Орбиана
marvidigezh: 19 Meurzh 235
Julius Achilleus Aurelius Zenobius
ganedigezh: 205
titl: Sheikh of the 'Amlaqi
micher: 229, Consul of Syria
== 3 ==
Lucius Septimius Odaenathus Odaenathus
ganedigezh: 205?, Palmyra, Syria
eured: Septimia Bathzabbai Zénobie ? (Zenobia)
darvoud all: < 267, Italy, Battle of the Piedmont
== 3 ==
Herod (Hairan) Septimius Palmyra (Sigi Odinsson)
ganedigezh: 230?
marvidigezh: 267, Assasination
Herod Septimius Palmyra (Hodr, Hermod, Hairan)
ganedigezh: 230?, Palmyra
darvoud all: co-king of Palmyra, Palmyra
marvidigezh: 267, Palmyra, assassination
Anna Nepos
ganedigezh: Balearic Islands
Lucius Julius Aurelius Septimius Vaballathus Athenodorus ? (Balder Odinsson)
ganedigezh: 260
annez: Bellus, Vall d'Albaida, Valencia, Spain
titl: 273, King of Palmyra
darvoud all: 274, Exile
Josephus Phaetus Gallus
ganedigezh: > 274
annez: Atlantic Islands
Gallia Zenobia
ganedigezh: 280?

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