Fritilas ? (Gabina)

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Fritigil ? (Queen of the Marcomanni, Marcoman) [?]



431 titl: Thrace, Bishop of Heraclea


Patrom:Needsources Patrom:Controversial Given sources say nothing about genealogy, they just say that Fritilas existed.

Two Thracian bishops, Euprepius of Biza (Bizya) and Cyril of Coele, gave occasion for a decree, praying for protection against their Metropolitan, Fritilas of Heraclea, who had gone over to the party of John of Antioch, and at the same time for the confirmation of the previous practice of holding two bishoprics at the same time. The Synod granted both.


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  2. [| Michel Le Quien. Oriens christianus: in quatuor patriarchatus digestus : quo exhibentur ecclesiae, patriarchae caeterique praesules totius orientis. Imprimerie Royale, ex Typographia Regia, (París) 1740 - Cujus nomen hominem Gotthicae sive Geticae gentis indicat. Notissima est Hieronymi ad Sunniam & Fretelam, vel Vritilam certe, eruditos Getas epistola.
  3. Decree of the Synod in the Matter of Euprepius and Cyril.(Found in Latin only. Labbe and Cossart, Concilia, Tom. III., col. 810.) -
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Eus an dud-kozh d'ar vugale-vihan

Fredegildus ? (of the Marcomanni, Marcoman)
relijion: Langobard
titl: 380, King of the Marcomanni
Fritigil ? (Queen of the Marcomanni, Marcoman)
titl: Queen of the Marcomanni
eured: ? (Son of Gabinius, Gabina)
relijion: 396, Langobard to Christian Convert
== 3 ==
ganedigezh: Westphalia, Alemanha
titl: Duque dos Francos Salianos
marvidigezh: 423
Fritilas ? (Gabina)
titl: 431, Thrace, Bishop of Heraclea
== 3 ==

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