Agnes ? (of Hungary) g. 900

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Anv a-bezh d'ar c'hanedigezh Agnes ?
Anvioù-tiegezh all of Hungary

Zolta de Hongrie (de Hongrie) [Árpád] g. 896? a. a. 949?

Maen Bihar [Bihari] g. 890?

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900 ganedigezh:


Not to be confused with Agatha (?, g. < 1030 a. a. > 1070)

Henry Drummond's "History of Noble British Families", has Agnes as daughter of Toxus, d. 990; Other researchers list her as a daughter of Zoltan, Toxus' father. While some say Agnes married "Arnolph Malus, Duke of Bavarioa" (who is likely the same person as Арнульф II Баварський Луїтпольдович (Луїтпольдовичі, g. 913? a. a. 22 Gouere 954)), the daughter of Toxus is known to have married Obertus Milanus. Niether of these women should be confused with Agatha (?, g. < 1030 a. a. > 1070) who married into the royal family of Britain.

Eus an dud-kozh d'ar vugale-vihan

Árpád de Hongrie
ganedigezh: ~ 850
titl: 896, Duc de Hongrie
marvidigezh: 907
Tarkatzus de Hongrie
ganedigezh: 872
marvidigezh: 928
Zolta de Hongrie (de Hongrie)
ganedigezh: 896?
eured: Maen Bihar
titl: 907, grand-Prince des Magyars
marvidigezh: 949?
Maen Bihar
ganedigezh: 890?, Bihar, Hungary
eured: Zolta de Hongrie (de Hongrie)
== 3 ==
Taksony of Hungary
ganedigezh: 905, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
titl: 955, ruler of Hungary
marvidigezh: 972
Agnes ? (of Hungary)
ganedigezh: 900
== 3 ==

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