Edwin Sandys g. 9 Kerzu 1561 a. a. Here 1629

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Edwin Sandys [Sandys] g. 1519 a. a. 1588

Cicely Wilford [Wilford]

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9 Kerzu 1561 ganedigezh:

bugel: Edwin Sandys (Mp) [Sandys]

bugel: Samuel Sandys [Sandys]

Here 1629 marvidigezh:


Sir Edwin Sandys (pronounced "Sands") (9 December 1561 – October 1629) was an English statesman and one of the founders of the proprietary Virginia Company of London, which in 1607 established the first permanent English settlement in what is now the United States in the colony of Virginia, based at Jamestown.

Edwin Sandys was one of the men instrumental in establishing the first representative assembly in the new world at Jamestown by issuing a new charter calling for its establishment. In addition, he assisted the Pilgrims in establishing their colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts by lending them 300 pounds without interest.

In addition to seeking profits for the company's investors, history records that his goal was a permanent colony which would enlarge English territory, relieve the nation's overpopulation, and expand the market for English goods. He never traveled to Virginia, but worked tirelessly in England to support the effort. Although the Virginia Company ultimately failed financially by 1624, Sandys' other visions for the Colony prevailed. It eventually grew and prospered until achieving independence late in the 18th century following the American Revolutionary War.

Additionally, in the process of sending additional supplies on the Third Supply mission to Jamestown, in 1609 the Virginia Company of London inadvertently settled the Somers Isles, alias Bermuda, the oldest-remaining English (since 1707, British) colony, following the shipwreck of the Virginia Company's new flagship, the Sea Venture.

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William Sandys
ganedigezh: 1480
marvidigezh: 1548
Edwin Sandys
ganedigezh: 1519
eured: Cicely Wilford
marvidigezh: 1588
James Wilford
ganedigezh: 1516
eured: Joyce Barrett
marvidigezh: 1550
== 3 ==
George Sandys
ganedigezh: 2 Meurzh 1577
annez: Jamestown (Virginia), Virginia Colony, Glasshouse Point
marvidigezh: Meurzh 1644
Edwin Sandys
ganedigezh: 9 Kerzu 1561
marvidigezh: Here 1629
== 3 ==
Edwin Sandys (Mp)
micher: Treasurer, Virginia Company

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