Samuel Sandys g. 1695

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Edwin Sandys (Mp) [Sandys]

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1695 ganedigezh:

eured: Letitia Tipping [Tipping]


Samuel Sandys, 1st Baron Sandys, PC (10 August 1695 – 21 April 1770) was a British politician in the 18th century. He held numerous posts within the government of the United Kingdom, namely Chancellor of the Exchequer, Leader of the House of Commons, Cofferer of the Household and First Lord of Trade. He was also a Justice in Eyre and Member of Parliament for Worcester and holder of the Sandy Baronage. He was the son of Edwin Sandys, MP of Ombersley, Worcestershire – himself a descendant of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York. Baron Sandys married Letitia, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Sir Thomas Tipping, 1st Baronet. They had seven sons and the eldest, Edwin, inherited his title upon his death when his post chaise overturned on Highgate Hill.

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George Sandys
ganedigezh: 2 Meurzh 1577
annez: Jamestown (Virginia), Virginia Colony, Glasshouse Point
marvidigezh: Meurzh 1644
Edwin Sandys
ganedigezh: 9 Kerzu 1561
marvidigezh: Here 1629
Edwin Sandys (Mp)
micher: Treasurer, Virginia Company
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