Roger ? (Seigneur of Montgomery)

Ur pennad tennet eus Rodovid BR, ar c'helc'hgeriadur digor.

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Lignez Montgomery
Reizh gourel
Anv a-bezh d'ar c'hanedigezh Roger ?
Anvioù-tiegezh all Seigneur of Montgomery

Roger Montgomery [Montgomery] g. ~ 975 a. a. < 1048

Sibel Crepon [Crepon] a. a. 1046

Wiki-pajenn wikipedia:Roger_de_Montgomery,_seigneur_of_Montgomery


bugel: Arnulf Montgomery [Montgomery]

titl: vicomte of the Hiémois

eured: Josceline [-] g. ~ 985

~ 1010 bugel: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, Roger de Montgomery [Montgomery] g. ~ 1010 a. a. 1094


Patrom:Needsources Patrom:Controversial In contradiction with one given source: Wikipedia No son named : Arnulf!


  1. ‘The Complete Peerage’ (or ‘A History of the House of Lords and all its Members from the Earliest Times’); based on work by George Edward Cokayne (Clarenceux King of Arms, died 1911) and published in 12 volumes from 1910 to 1959 (volume XII in two parts) by The St. Catherine Press; - each volume was edited by one or more of Vicary Gibbs, HA Doubleday, Lord Howard de Walton, Geoffrey H. White and R.S. Lea; volume XIII was added in 1940 for new creations from 1901 to 1938; a volume XIV was created in 1998 for “addenda and corrigenda”. Copies of some if not all of the volumes are held in many of the larger public libraries in the UK. This is particularly highly respected and has been widely used as a data source for genealogy-based web sites. WeWho? view it as one of our most reliable sources.

Eus an dud-kozh d'ar vugale-vihan

Gunnor de Normandie
ganedigezh: 933?
eured: Richard 1er de Normandie (Richard Sans-Peur)
marvidigezh: 4 Genver 1031, Fécamp (76), duché de Normandie
ganedigezh: 930?
niver a euredoù: wife of a local forester
Herbastus (Herfast) de Crépon
ganedigezh: 936, Arques-la-Bataille, Normandy, France
marvidigezh: 1031, France
Roger Montgomery
ganedigezh: ~ 975
marvidigezh: < 1048
Sibel Crepon
marvidigezh: 1046
== 3 ==
Roger ? (Seigneur of Montgomery)
titl: vicomte of the Hiémois
eured: Josceline
== 3 ==
Mabel Talvace de Bellême
ganedigezh: ~ 1030, Alençon
marvidigezh: 2 Kerzu 1079, Castle Bures
douaridigezh: 5 Kerzu 1079, Troarn
Roger de Montgomery
ganedigezh: ~ 1010, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
marvidigezh: 1094
douaridigezh: Shrewsbury, in abbey
Maude de Montgomery
ganedigezh: ~ 1045, Montgomery (Powys)
marvidigezh: 1085?
douaridigezh: Fatouville-Grestain, Grestain Abbey
Robert FitzHamon
ganedigezh: 1045 ≤ ? ≤ 1055
titl: Sieur de Creully
eured: Sybil de Montgomery
marvidigezh: Meurzh 1107, Falaise (Calvados)

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