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11/1 <?> Kubrat Bulghar [Dulo]
ganedigezh: 605?
marvidigezh: 665?
Patrom:NeedsourcesIn the Nominalia of the Bulgarian khans Kubrat is mentioned as Kurt of the Dulo clan. A later legend would describe him as a descendant of Attila the Hun. Some historians conclude that his maternal line was of the Ermy clan, because his maternal uncle Organa was possibly of that clan.[1]

Kubrat spent time at the Byzantine court, either as a hostage or for protection from the dynastic war within the Turkic Khaganate. As the 7th century Byzantine historian John of Nikiu narrates

Quetrades (i.e. Kubrat), the prince of the Moutanes (i.e. Huns), and a nephew of Kuemaka (i.e. Organa), was baptized as a child and was educated in Constantinople and received into the Christian community in his childhood and had grown up in the imperial palace. He was a close friend of emperor Heraclius.

During Kubrat's minority, Gostun Ermi is appointed Ilchiubek (regent) for 2 years.


21/2 <1> Batbayan Dulo [Dulo]
marvidigezh: 690
42/2 <1> Аспарух [Дуло]
annez: 710, Asparyk, Djalda (Feodosiya)
33/2 <1> Котраг [Дуло]
54/2 <1> Кубер [Дуло]
65/2 <1> Алцек [?]
76/2 <1> Ultzindur Dulo [Dulo Clan]


81/3 <4> Tervel ? (Tervel of Bulgaria) [Dulo Clan]
titl: 700 ≤ ? ≤ 721, Bulgar Khan
marvidigezh: 721
92/3 <4> Ajjar (Hodger) Dulo [Dulo Clan]
103/3 <4> ? (Unnamed Sibling of Ajjar (Hodger Danske)) [Дуло]


131/4 <8+?> Телериг (болг. Телериг, Патрикий Феофилакт, Патрикий Телериг-Феофилакт) [Dulo Clan]
ganedigezh: 706
titl: хан Болгарии между 768–777
eured: <1> Мария Сарантапехос [Сарантапехос]
marvidigezh: 777
112/4 <8+?> w Kermes (Kormesiy) Duōlù [Dulo Clan]
titl: 715 ≤ ? ≤ 721, Bulgar Khan
123/4 <9+?> Olaus ? (Grandson of Gotricus) [?]
Brother in law of Holger Danske (Hajjar)(Olgerus, dux Daniæ)


151/5 <11> w Sigvard (Sevar) Dulo [Dulo Clan]
titl: 721 ≤ ? ≤ 737, Bulgar Khan
142/5 <13+1> w Кардам Болгарский [Дуло]
titl: хан болгарский от 777-803
marvidigezh: 804?


161/6 <14> w Кром/Крум/ [Кубратовичи]
titl: хан Болгарский(803-814)
darvoud all: 813, Siege of Constantinople
marvidigezh: 814
172/6 <15> w Toktu of Bulgaria [Dulo Clan]


181/7 <16> Omurtag of Bulgaria Kubratos [Krum's Dynasty]
titl: 814 ≤ ? ≤ 831, Khan of Bulgaria
marvidigezh: 831
192/7 <16> Doucom [Кубратовичи]
203/7 <16> Tsoc [Кубратовичи]


211/8 <18> Zvinitsa [Krum's Dynasty]
ganedigezh: 814
marvidigezh: 831, Gardariki, Rusland

This person Halvdan Whiteshirt (Kvitsark) is often confused with Halfdan White-leg (Whitleg) who was a king of Dubin. This mistake is based on similar sounding names. Although contemporaries of each other they were not the same person.

This Kvitsark was likely the son of Randalin Kraka and her first husband Omordac Kubratos (of Bulgaria). He earned the nickname Halvdan by his association with the sons of Randalin's second husband Ragnar Lodbrok (the elder) a viking chieftain in the North Dacian kingdom of Denmark.

Ragnar Lodbrok the elder, the husband of Randalin, also had a namesake nephew whose family (the sons of Lagertha) earned great fame in the viking raids in western Europe.

It is to be noted that although Randalin Kraka is named in the sagas as Aslaug the daughter of Sigurd Volsung Fafnersbane, this identification is incorrect. While it is possible that she was a descendant of Sigurd Volsung, it would have been very distant since the span that separates the two generations is approximately 300 years.

lost Bashtu (Kiev) and Urus (Novgorod) to the Khazari forces under Khagan Iskhak however the two retain diplomatic connections with Iskhak's appointment of Zvinitsa's sons Djir and Askhold as regional governors. According to Arab sources Djilki Avinitsa was the brother (half-brother) of Lachyn the father or grandfather of Rurik of Novgorod.
222/8 <18+?> w Malamir Kubratos [Krum]
ganedigezh: > 815
titl: 831 ≤ ? ≤ 836, Khan of Bulgaria
marvidigezh: 836
233/8 <18+?> Enravota (Ingvar) Kubratos [Krum's Dynasty]
marvidigezh: 833


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244/8 <18> Quetrades Kubrat (Moutanes) [Krum's Dynasty]
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